January 8, 2019


Following my breast augmentation, at one of my check ups, my physician pointed out that I had a prominent line forming across my forehead from raising my eyebrows. She said, "You know we can fix that, right?" 

Well, yes, I knew that, but I was only 26 at the time. 

Botox was something I had taken an interest in after having a facial in Houston:

My facialist had gorgeous skin and in my opinion didn't...

October 12, 2018


In the great words of Cardi B, "Real bitch, only thing fake is the boobs," (ok, almost the only thing-- but whatever).

If you're new to my blog, welcome, and if you're not new, welcome back.

It's been a minute, babes! I took some time to really figure out what y'all wanted to know about. What I found was that along with the normal beauty things I knew y'all wanted to learn more about, y'all were extremely inter...

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