Q: What makeup do you use?

A: You can check out my current makeup routine here. 

Q: Do you wear Eyelash Extensions?

A: Not anymore. I used to wear them for about 5 years. You can read all about them here.

Q: How do you do your brows?

A: I have my eyebrows Microbladed currently, so when I define them (which isn't all the time) normally use this & a damp angled brush. 

Q: How do you edit your pictures?

A: I use the Ty French (@tyfrench) presets on Lightroom. Or you can check out my blog post all about it.

Q: What diet do you follow?

A: I don't stick to anything too rigid, but for the most part, I am dairy free, I don't eat pasta or bread often at all because I don't really like it, and overall tend to stick to a somewhat 'whole' diet (aside from my addiction to Goldfish & tacos). I also have been doing intermittent fasting for the past few months and have seen amazing results. 

Q: What do you use to whiten your teeth?

A: I only use this product. 

Q: Do you have a YouTube Channel?

A: Check it out here.