So, if you follow me on Instagram, you know I am currently obsessed with 'bulletproof' coffee. Now, I may not follow THE official bulletproof recipe, but I've adjusted it based on what I personally had in my pantry & have made it work. I drink this every single day as my first 'meal' of the day. I am completely obsessed with it because it's quick, easy, and keeps me 'full' until I am ready for my second meal of the day (I'll break down the rest of my days meals in a different post). So what is bulletproof coffee? Essentially, bulletproof coffee is some sort of fat blended into coffee. I have seen a million variations online using grassfed butter, MCT oil, and coconut oil, but I personally opt for coconut because I always have it in my house for various uses. The oil & coffee combo (when blended) create an emulsion and take on the texture of a super creamy latte. Why choose bulletproofing? So, the general idea of bulletproofing your coffee is that when you drink this concoction in the morning the healthy fats naturally energize you, make you feel satiated and jump start fat burning for the rest of the day. Plus, you cut out a TON of sugar from your diet by switching from creamers to coconut oil.

How to make it:

1 'cup' of black coffee

1 tablespoon of coconut oil

(I recommend pouring your coffee into the cup you'll be drinking out of to measure)

Pour your cup of coffee into your blender, add coconut oil, blend, & enjoy! Blending is KEY! You can't image the amount of Snapchats I received of oily coffee after I posted this image on Instagram!

Let me know if you try it!

Love y'all,


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