So part of my mission with this blog is to help answer some of the questions I get daily. I get dozens of messages each week asking similar questions on products I recommend, or what I currently use. The #1 question I get is on what products I use myself. This is for y'all!

So here it is: the rundown on everything that is currently in my makeup bag and why I am loving it!

To start my makeup, I think a good base is KEY. A good moisturizer is beyond important for great looking skin. To start, I prep my skin using this moisturizer. I love it because it is super lightweight, hydrates my skin perfectly, and seems to give my skin a little 'pick me up' in the morning-- like a cup of coffee for your face!

After moisturizing, I apply a face primer. I have two that I always keep in my bag. Overall, they are pretty similar in the effect they give, but the formulations differ. This one comes in a tube and is easy to smooth all over your face. It fills in pores and blurs imperfections. This one does the exact same thing but comes in a pot and is a bit thicker. It's perfect for any larger texture issues you may have (scarring, acne, etc.) Both will keep you matte all day long & make your foundation last!

For foundation, I opt for drugstore! Not because of the price point, but because it is THE BEST. Literally left my Chanel foundation that I LOVED for this foundation. It is the best on the market and I tell everyone about it. It makes me look picture perfect and lasts all day! I couldn't live without it. Also, I typically have sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts. This foundation has never given me a skin issue-- my skin has actually gotten clearer since using it! I apply with this sponge, but the sponge must be used damp. Also, there are plenty of 'blending sponges' out there but this one is the ONE. The rest are all imitations.

I recently have been loving this concealer because it doesn't crease & is super full coverage. After blending my concealer, I set everything with this loose powder.

My favorite cheek combo is this bronzer with this blush. To top it off, I use this highlighter. I love it because it gives a beautiful natural glow, rather than a shimmer or sparkle. For brows, I keep it very simple because I recently had mine Microbladed (which I will talk about in a later post). But if I do define my brows, I reach for a micropencil like this one, or this one and create hair-like strokes to define the shape of my brows.

My eye-shadow routine is ever evolving, but currently I love using this palette. Day to day, I don't wear shadow primer because who has time for that? But when I do, this is my go-to (I also use this on clients). I typically stick to using a dark brown shadow as an eyeliner rather than a pencil or a gel. I think it gives a soft look, and it's easier to apply. I also wear Eyelash Extensions, so I don't really feel the need to wear much liner or mascara. When I do wear mascara, I love this one.

So there you have it! All of the products I use!

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love y'all,


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