If y'all don't know me, or don't follow me on social media (you should, and can here) you probably don't know that I am OBSESSED with eyebrows. I would say I have spent a huge percentage of my adult life silently judging the eyebrows of others.

Brows are so important! They frame your face. They have the ability to make you look younger, more lifted, more put together and even thinner (seriously). In my opinion, they also can make or break your entire makeup look. My biggest pet peeve in seeing other makeup artists work is seeing improper brow shaping. Like, NO. Stop.

Everyones shape is unique to them, and it is so EASY to find the right shape for your face yet so many people don't know how easy it truly is.

A good brow shaping (whether it be threading or waxing at a salon, or on your own at home with your tweezers) should always start with 'Marking Up'-- which I will explain in a minute. If you're at a salon or spa and they aren't doing this first, GET OUT. Immediately go somewhere that does. Benefit Brow Counters at Ulta and Anastasia Beverly Hills Counters at Nordstrom are both places that do. You will pay a little extra, but you get what you pay for.

How to Mark Brows:

STEP 1: Find a Starting Point.

To find the starting point of your brow, using a makeup brush or pencil, make a line from the outside of your nose (I like to go on top of the nostril) straight up. Mark that point using concealer, white or light colored eyeliner, or brow pencil or powder. This point is where the head of your brow should start.

STEP 2: Find Your Arch.

To find where your arch should fall, using the same straight object as before, measure a straight line from the outside of your nose (same point as Step 1) diagonally across your eye. The line should fall just outside of your iris (the colored part of your eye). Where that line crosses your brow is where your arch should be. Mark that point.

STEP 3: Find the End

Finding the end point of your brow is very similar to Step 2, only this time, we are making a diagonal line from the outside of our nose to the outer corner of the eye. Where that line extends to, is where your brow should end. Mark that point.

When you have finished finding your three points & done your markings it will look something like this: (Obviously, in real life you can make a small mark instead of an X)

STEP 4: Connect the Dots

Once you have your markings, connect your dots by drawing a light line between each point with a brow pencil or powder. The thickness of your brows is totally dependent on you and your personal style. For me, I prefer a thicker brow.

It is so important to map out & mark up your brows before shaping so you have a clearer picture of what you're doing. This way, you wont over tweeze. You will just be getting the stray hairs!

If you're doing this at home (like I do, because I have trust issues) you can fill in your whole brow, like you would day to day, and then tweeze. It makes things so easy! No over-plucking!

I plan on giving you a full tutorial on how to fill in your brows, what brow products I love, & all you need to know about microblading, but first things first. Let's get your shape down!

Love y'all,



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