If you don't know already, I have been a professional makeup artist for just shy of 8 years now. I have worked with major beauty brands like Tarte & Xtreme Lashes, publications like Allure, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, & Vogue, done national campaigns for the Big Ten Network, have worked with organizations like the NFL & Miss USA-- oh, and have done about a million and two weddings. I own BMSHL Beauty, which specializes in makeup for weddings and special events.

Occasionally, due to scheduling conflicts or costs, I am unable to work with a bride. Not being able to accommodate those women who contact me breaks my heart. I hate to leave anyone hanging. Some are fortunate enough to snag another talented artist, but some choose to do it on their own. So, this is for y'all! I will never leave you hanging. These are my best pieces of advice when it comes to doing your own (or someone else's) makeup for a wedding, event, or photography!

Photo via Jana Scott Photography


Every makeup artist could (hopefully) tell you that there are certain things within makeup products to avoid on days when photography is involved.

  • SPF is the biggest no-no. While SPF is a great element for your everyday makeup to have, it should be avoided like the plague in your makeup when having pictures taken. It will cause a flashback, and you will look like a ghost.

  • Along these same lines, is the ingredient Silica (typically found in 'HD' powders & makeup). Silica is a light reflecting ingredient that will make you look more flawless in person & in video, but will flashback in a camera.

  • Lastly, is Mineral Makeup. Mineral Makeup is great for everyday use especially on people who are suffering with acne or are healing from a facial procedure, but it is not appropriate for use during special events. While it doesn't create nearly the flashback like that of SPF or Silica, it does reflect back into the camera and cause your face to look lighter than your body, or, cause you to look like you're sweating.

In my opinion, your best option for foundation, is something full-coverage and completely matte. My favorite option is actually from the drugstore here, or another great higher end option here. For concealer, I would again, use something full coverage & matte, to give you that flawless look, like this. And to set everything, use a fine, non-reflective loose powder (like this) to finish.

Photo via Jana Scott Photography


The number one thing I hear from brides is that they "want to look like themselves, but better." So how do you do that on your own? The first thing to know and understand, is that the camera can be unforgiving. The colors on your face can get lost in the camera. In order to come across in pictures as 'yourself but better," you have to take everything up a notch.

  • Always wear false lashes. This part is so important to me, that the price of false lashes are actually rolled into my makeup price automatically (this isn't the case with some artists). Talk to your photographer-- they will tell you-- they make a HUGE difference. They will instantly transform your look by opening up your eyes and making them appear larger & brighter. Of course, they aren't the easiest to apply on your own, so make sure you give this a few practice rounds before your big day. My favorite lashes are these.

  • Deepen your colors just a bit. Remember that very often, colors appear lighter on camera. To avoid loosing all of the depth in your face, I highly recommend adding just a bit 'more' of everything that you want to accentuate.

  • Add a slightly deeper color to your crease to add depth.

  • Contour cheek bones justly slightly heavier than 'normal,' so you look very angular on camera while remaining 'natural' in person.

  • Add a little more blush than you feel is necessary-- it is the first thing to go throughout the day but will really give you that bridal glow on camera.

  • Always, always define your brows. In contrast to your lashes, you may end up losing your brows on camera if you don't. See how to properly shape brows here.

  • Opt for some kind of lip color-- even one that is your exact lip shade will show up better on camera than nothing.

3. DO YOU.

Most importantly, you need to remember this is YOUR day! You should feel & look like yourself. You don't have to follow every one of these steps, or follow a YouTube video to the letter if any of it doesn't feel right to you. Chances are, regardless of makeup, you will be stunning and look perfect.

Love y'all,



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