I was never a skincare person. Ever. Why care about skin? That's what makeup is for, right? NO.

Skincare is so important if you want your makeup looking perfect (which I do). People literally ask me everyday about makeup and how they can make their makeup look better, or last longer. It starts with good skincare, people!


Now, I can't speak for every skin type, but this is my personal, fool proof skincare routine. My skin is somewhat sensitive, and prone to the occasional breakout. After years of tanning and a few battles with acne during my teen years, I was left with some scarring, hyperpigmentation, and uneven texture. My skin was ok. It looked fine with makeup on, but I was so self conscious without makeup on. About six months ago, I did a total skin overhaul. I decided it was time to invest in my skin, so I did. I have been following this routine and the results are UNREAL. You can check out my before & afters below!

1. Remove.

Prior to cleansing my skin, I think it is crucial to take my makeup off. Most nights I grab a makeup wipe & remove as much makeup as possible. If my skin feels a little dryer, I love using coconut oil to melt away my makeup & then I remove it with a warm wash cloth.

2. Cleanse.

I personally live & die for the Reverse Regimen from Rodan + Fields. NOTHING has ever worked like this stuff. It completely changed my skin. Prior to using this line, I had tons of discoloration and an uneven texture. This has totally brightened my skin & made it incredibly balanced. I love this cleanser because it's a gentle daily exfoliant and leaves my face clean without it feeling dry.

3. Tone.

I'm not a huge toner person. It seems like an unnecessary step in my opinion. I only got into toning my skin after buying the Redefine line. But, I will say, when I use this toner, I notice my skin looks visibly brighter, more balanced, and I don't have any issues with breakouts even during 'that time of the month'. So, I find myself continuously reaching for this even if it does add time to my routine.

4. Treat.

This little combo has worked wonders on my skin. Since using this Vitamin C + Retinol pairing, I have noticed my skin is so much brighter. No brown spots. My skin tone looks even and radiant. This has become an essential part of my beauty routine!

This stuff is a dream. It has become my secret weapon when anything pops up. When applied to a pimple, this purifies the area without drying out. You can wear it at night or under makeup. The breakout will be half the size in hours! To apply, I dip a damp q-tip into the oil and then spot treat the affected area.

5. Moisturize.

At night, I opt for something to promote cell turnover. I love this night cream because it is ultra moisturizing without being greasy. I feel like when I put it on at night, I wake up looking like a new woman! It seems to heal absolutely anything in a matter of hours.

In the morning, I love this stuff to help 'wake up' my skin! I love the cooling sensation it has. My skin looks so hydrated when I use this. It's perfect to prep skin for makeup. I use it on all of my clients as well. You can even use this as a primer!

6. The Extras.

A daily routine is absolutely key for good skin, but I think a few little additions here and there can really add to the overall look of your skin.

  • Sheet Masks- I love these! I buy them from all over. I have a collection of ones I have grabbed from Target, Sephora, and Ulta. Most of the time I opt for an inexpensive one, but when I want to treat myself, I love these ones from Tatcha.

  • GlamGlow Masks- GlamGlow is amazing. Regardless of what your skin ailment is, GlamGlow has the answer! My two faves are GravityMud (which I love before events), and SuperMud when my skin is a bit congested.

  • Hydrafacials- These are new to me, but I am obsessed. The spa treatment removes dead skin cells and extracts impurities from the skin while delivering intense hydration to the new skin through moisturizing serums. The treatment is soothing, refreshing, non-irritating and super effective. My facialist recommends getting these at least every three months, but I may end up going more frequently because I loved the results!


After 6 months of following this exact regimen, my skin is totally changed! I had to share the before & afters. (Also, let's talk about how much of a difference microbladed brows & lash extensions make).



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