Any girl who has ever chopped her hair off knows all too well how much it sucks to grow out.

When I was 18 & started college (just under 10 years ago-- ew), I decided to chop my long hair into an adorable little bob. My hair would start to grow and then would get to a very awkward point on my shoulders, and I would cut it again. This went on for YEARS.

Finally I found a secret combination of things that allowed me to totally grow my hair out without any weird 'tweener' haircuts (thank god).


Yep-- I did. Multiple. And I loved my fake hair dearly. Those photos of me with long Jessie James Decker locks? Fake AF. Most people totally know this because, Spoiler Alert: I tell everyone everything that I do when it comes to beauty. Ain't no shame in my game.

So, why did this help me finally grow my hair out? I would pop a set of extensions in as I reached that awkward length. The extensions let me ride out that weird period of time with ease. Yes, it took me several rounds to achieve my desired length, but it was so worth it!

Personally, I used tape in extensions, but depending on your hair type, texture, and budget, you may need to opt for a different kind. The key to working with extensions during a grow-out, is to keep them on the conservative side when it comes to length. Think just enough length to get you out of the 'awkward zone.' For me, this was about 4-6" past my natural. Make sure you see a good stylist to hook up your head.


I started giving my hair major TLC. It needed it. I switched up my style from perfectly done, to slightly messier & disheveled, which allowed me to use less heat. I invested in better brushes, and styling tools, so that when I did need to style my hair, it wasn't hurting it. And I switched up my products to focus more on taking care of my hair.

Here's the run down on what I use:

  • I love this shampoo & conditioner. I have used it for years now and I can't find one that makes my hair feel and look any better!

  • This hair masque is UNREAL. It makes my hair look so fresh. I am completely obsessed with it. Worth every penny.

  • This detangler has been a total game changer and is a must-have product for every celeb.

  • I became addicted to using this blow dry primer & heat protectant strictly for the smell but I repurchased for the benefits!

  • I use this blow dryer religiously. It has a Ferrari engine in it, and wont damage your hair like a cheaper version would. Plus, it dries my hair in about two seconds.

  • This flat iron is LIFE. It heats up in a flash, can turn off by itself when it gets too hot (like when you leave it on), and it glides through hair to avoid pulling and damage. I love curling hair with it as well.


Over the past few years, I have studied up & gotten very in-tune with the deep connection that what we ingest directly effects our outer appearance. I love the book Eat Pretty, because it goes into detail about how what we eat effects our hair, skin, and nails. I've learned that focusing on certain vitamins and nutrients can greatly improve the appearance and growth rate of my hair.

So what all do I do?

  • My favorite thing to take by far are these little supplements. I live by them. I think these have had the most profound effect on my hair growth rate. I take two little pills a day.

  • I also love to take these and these in the mornings. Gummy vitamins just make my day better.

  • I focused on eating more healthy fats and proteins which promote hair growth. I live on coconut oil, salmon, avocado, and almonds.

  • I try to stay super hydrated. The more hydrated you are, the better your cells operate, which means optimum hair growth!

So there you have it. My little regimen for growing out my hair. No more weave! Check out this before & after taken just a few months apart!

Love y'all,


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