Living in Austin, TX, juicing & yoga was pretty much life (oh, and tacos). I, of course, had my fair share of green juices and had dabbled in one day cleanses here & there but never thought to do more than that.

When I moved home to State College, I knew the days of adorable juice places all over town were a thing of the past, until a friend let me know that there was a brand new place in town-- K2 Roots. PERFECT.

I decided to purchase their Advanced 3-Day Cleanse to be delivered the day I got home from my trip to Texas. I knew full well that I would need a serious detox after the outrageous amounts of Mexican food I was sure to consume while I was there.

Kendra, from K2 Roots, delivered my cleanse right to my door. Each day of the cleanse was packaged in individual boxes to make it easy to navigate.

The cleanse itself is simple: you drink 6 cold pressed juices in sequence throughout your day for 3 days. There are a few 'tips' to make the cleanse easy and more effective:

  • A few days prior, start to ease your way into the cleanse. K2 recommends trying to "eliminate meat, dairy, starchy foods, caffeine, refined sugars and alcohol" and to stick to mostly "lean protein, eggs, raw fruits, vegetables, and whole grains." For me, those 'few days' were condensed into one, because I can't resist tacos in Texas.

  • Drink LOTS of water. This keeps you full, hydrated, and keeps your cells working effectively to properly remove toxins.

  • Ease up on strenuous physical activity. You are on a very low-calorie meal plan and don't want to over do it. Yoga is a good option during the cleanse to help keep your body moving & blood pumping. Good blood flow = better removal of toxins.

  • Plan for the cleanse. Make sure you're able to actually commit to it. Don't plan it during your friends wedding when you know you're going to struggle with sticking to it. Tell your friends and family you're about to do this so they aren't pressuring you to grab pizza with them! My best piece of advice is to start on a Tuesday to allow yourself at least 1 day on either end of the cleanse to ease in & out.

  • Be sure to ease out of the cleanse just as you eased in. Eating junk food directly after a cleanse will more than likely make you feel sick and defeats the entire purpose of the cleanse!

So, let's talk about the cleanse itself. I personally opted for the Advanced 3-Day Cleanse. K2 also offers a Beginner Cleanse that is slightly higher in calories and may be a better option for those of you who have never done one before. In my Advanced 3-Day Cleanse, each day contained 6 cold pressed juices:

Expel: Made with Activated Charcoal, Lemon, Agave, and Water. (This one was my least favorite).

Vitality: Made with Kale, Apple, Celery, Lemon, Chard, and Ginger Root. (You drink this one twice).

Resistance: Made with Turmeric Root, Carrot, Lemon, and Orange. (This one was my favorite).

Flourish: Made with Dandelion, Spinach, Apple, Cucumber, Lemon, and Pineapple.

Remedy: Made with Beet, Apple, Carrot, and Ginger Root.


I started the day by weighing myself in & taking my before pictures. I drank a large glass of lemon water (as K2 Roots recommends) and taking my vitamins. Around 10am, I drank juice #1. K2 recommends starting between 8 & 10am, I opted to push it as late as possible because I get hungry at night.

Throughout the day, I really didn't feel hungry. At times, I felt like I wanted something solid in my stomach or would want something salty, but that eventually subsided. Going into the cleanse, I thought I would crave burgers & Chinese food, but in reality, my biggest craving was for an avocado with salt (which according to my juice cleanse research, is actually kosher, if needed).


I had a very restful nights sleep, I thought I would toss and turn, but I didn't any trouble. I started my day, again, by weighing myself and taking my 'Day 2' picture. I was happy to find out that I was down 2.2 lbs from the day before. My body physically looked less bloated & heavy. I felt light and surprisingly energetic and focused. Again, I started drinking my juices around 10am after drinking a large glass of lemon water.

The morning of Day 2 went very smoothly, and I wasn't feeling hungry. Around 2pm, I hit a wall. All I wanted was something salty! Again, I wasn't craving unhealthy food, but rather, a large plate of steamed broccoli with salt (which I did cave & eat). In my opinion, and based on my research, eating fruits and veggies while on a cleanse is completely fine, as long as you don't over do it.


After waking up & taking these photos I literally felt amazing and it really did help to motivate me to push through! I weighed in that morning and had lost an additional pound (for a total of 3.3 on the cleanse). I felt really good! I felt healthy. I also felt pretty hungry, I can't lie. Day 3 for me was a Friday and we were planning to see a movie that night. The thought of popcorn at the movies was stuck in my head all day. But, I made it thought the day, but definitely gave in to my popcorn craving that night (and didn't feel guilty about it at all).


  • Would I do it again? Absolutely. I actually ordered a 1-Day Advanced Cleanse this week to do as post-birthday maintenance. I love juicing. It makes me feel amazing and makes me crave healthy foods.

  • Was I hungry? Um, duh. But not unbearably. It wasn't like I was starving, but more like I felt like I wanted something of more substance in my stomach. In my opinion, a good way to combat this is to keep fresh fruits & veggies around in case of emergencies, drink lots of water & tea, and maybe keep some bone broth or nut milk around as well.

  • How much was it? The 3-Day Advanced Cleanse from K2 Roots was $140. Cleanses can vary in price depending on your area, but I would say to expect to pay around that same price.

  • I don't live in State College, where should I get a cleanse? If you don't live in State College, I would highly recommend looking for a local juice place (similar to K2 Roots) before ordering one online from a big brand. You will be getting a fresher, more natural product in doing so.

  • I've never done a cleanse before, where should I start? For beginners, I think it's best to 'ease in.' Try out a Beginner 1-Day Cleanse (or two) to start. Once you have successfully pulled off a Beginner 1-Day, maybe bump up to an Advanced 1-Day Cleanse (or two). Once completing a single day doesn't become a major challenge, try a 3-Day Cleanse. Start with a Beginner 3-Day and see how you feel. If you really want to challenge and push yourself for maximum results, try an Advanced 3-Day. I highly recommend easing in so you don't end up wasting your money!

  • When should I do a cleanse? In my opinion (as I mentioned earlier), the best day would be to start on a Tuesday, so you have at least a day to ease in and out of the cleanse. I also think cleansing is easier when you are busier. This may be totally opposite of what others think but for me personally, if I am busy with errands, appointments, and work, I am less likely to think about all of the food I am missing out on. You need to think about what triggers your appetite, but for me, it's typically boredom.

Let me know if you have questions on K2 Roots & Juice Cleansing! Good luck!

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