Some of the many things I have been loving in the month of March!

1. Fitbit Alta Gold | $149

I finally joined the Fitbit fam after much hesitation. I wasn't sure if I actually needed one or if I would even use it. Well, folks, I use it. A lot. I LOVE it. It's a nice reminder for me to get moving. I have noticed that since getting it, I have definitely been more active in my daily life than normal. I also love that I can track my sleep patterns as well!

2. Pastel Polish for Spring!

This month I have been loving wear pastel nail colors! At the beginning of the month & for my trip to Texas, I wore DND Blue Bell #574. After that, I switched to DND Great Smoky Mountain, TN #572 (shown above). I get my nails done at a nail spa locally, but Essie has a huge selection of similar pastel tones to choose from

3. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides | $40

These. Are. Everything. Everyone needs collagen in their life. This supplement promotes youthful skin, healthier hair, and stronger nails. It helps to keep bones healthy and strong, and supports joint health. Contributes to a balanced diet and helps maintain weight. And they are Whole 30 approved! Does it get much better? Yes. They are flavorless & can be mixed with anything (even water!)

4. St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse | $8

This is a lazy girls self tanning dream. Why? Because it's so easy & you don't have to be careful! Using a mit & circular motions, cover your entire body with this. Don't worry if it is patchy or streaky. The beauty of this stuff is that once rinsed (regardless of how messy the application) it turns into beautiful, even color. I am obsessed. I slap this on at night, and shower off in the morning!

5. MAC Lipstick in 'Faux' | $17

While I was on my way to Texas, I stopped by the MAC counter at the Chicago Airport and grabbed a few goodies, including this lipstick. It is the perfect 'next to natural' lip color for my lips, with just a hint of mauve. I have worn this color every day since.

6. Tarte Metallic Single Shadow in Pop Rock | $14

Lately, I have been super low key with eye makeup. I have been using this color all over my lid, blended into my crease, and under my lower lash line. That's in. A little mascara & out the door. Every day, all of March. It looks like it takes so much longer than it actually does and I am so obsessed!

7. Sophia Joy Bags from Target | $11-$25

I am kind of psycho about keeping things neat and organized. Before I left for Texas, I stopped by Target to pick up a new makeup bag and found these adorable ones from Sophia Joy. I bought several, all for different purposes.

  • I bought this one for makeup. The bottom compartment is big enough for me to fit all of my makeup (palettes & all!), and the top has slots for brushes and a mesh section to store my BeautyBlender & tweezers! I LOVE this. All of my girlfriends in Texas were commenting on how great it was.

  • I bought this one to store my skincare products, tooth brush, and tooth paste. Basically everything that I use to get 'unready,' so it's easy to grab when I'm getting ready for bed.

  • This one I got specifically for travel sized hair products. I don't bring all that much when I travel, but it was just right for a mini shampoo & conditioner, a travel sized dry shampoo, and a travel sized texture spray.

  • This one I used specifically for jewelry. I just brought what I thought I would need for this trip plus a few extras just incase.

8. Juices from K2Roots | $9

In case you've missed my social media activity in the last two weeks, I am totally obsessed with K2Roots & Juicing. You can read a full blog post on why I am so obsessed here.

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