MY LORD, IT'S BEEN A WHILE! I have had the busiest summer of my entire life. BMSHL Beauty had it's first "official" wedding season, I filmed the pilot for a TV series, and traveled literally everywhere. Needless to say, blogging took a backseat for a few months. But, we are back in business, y'all!

I figured the best way to start back up is to get y'all familiar with what I have been loving lately! I try to talk about most of my current obsessions as they come up on my Instagram stories, but in case you missed anything, I'm recapping everything here. We have a solid mix of must have beauty products, amazing new lifestyle finds, and a few health & fitness faves.


Normally, my eye makeup takes me the longest to do out of my entire routine. This may come as a shock to y'all, but I actually hate getting ready. Anything that I can do or use to speed up my routine is clutch (hence why I have my brows microbladed and have lash extensions).

This cream shadow from Charlotte Tilbury has literally cut my routine in half. It gives me the same look as if I were to use an entire palette of shadows but I've literally only been using this product. It's super creamy and easy to blend out, but it's also extremely long wearing so it stays put all day (unlike some cream shadows).

My go-to color is 'Mona Lisa' a deep plum-burgundy that brings out my green eyes. I've also been loving the colors 'Marie Antionette' and 'Jean' for a softer look. To apply, I use a shadow brush (or my fingers) and apply the product all over my lids. I the buff out the edges and blend into my crease using a blending brush. My fave is this one from Sigma.


Ok, I can't lie... this one I never thought I would like. It took me YEARS to try this. I LOVE my original BeautyBlender. I seriously could not live without it. I use it everyday for my foundation. I just never really saw the point in the mini ones. That is, until I got one for free in my Play! by Sephora box. I tried it out and it has been a staple ever since. I even ordered more for my pro kit. For me, one of the hardest areas to reach with an original BeautyBlender is the inner corner of my eyes because I wear lash extensions. With the mini though, I am able to get into that tiny little area with ease. I am completely in love with this little guy.


Do you ever see a celebrity and wonder how their skin looks so amazing? (Girl, same). Or at least, I did until my girl, Mallory Ervin, spilled the beans and told the world about the CO2 Lift Mask from Luminesque. This particular mask had previously only been available to Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, and Medical Spas, but has recently been released for at home use. I obviously HAD to try it out and OMG I am so hooked. The mask has two chemical components that when mixed, release CO2. When the mask is applied, it is effectively allowing the carbon-dioxide to penetrate deep into your skin which naturally stimulates the oxygen molecules in your body, giving you the most perfect, glowing skin of your life. IT'S INSANE.

I have purchased the at home kits twice now and absolutely adore them. My skin seriously has never looked better. After I take the mask off my skin is definitely more glowy and soft, but the real magic happens in the days following the mask. I HIGHLY recommend this for anyone who has a special event coming up (um, hello BMSHL brides, I'm talking to you!)


Raise your hand if you hate grocery shopping as much as I do! Like honestly, why hasn't grocery delivery always been a thing? My friend, Alex, was raving about Instacart one day on the 'gram and I basically follow everything he does (he's honestly living in the year 3017-- go follow him @djalexnepa). But I figured I would try it out to see how I liked it. I was immediately hooked. Instacart allows you to shop from your local grocery store ONLINE and your groceries will be delivered straight to your door within two hours.

I personally love that you can quickly reorder your frequently purchased products. I am a creature of habit and I somehow am always buying Bananas, Apples, Grapes, Avocado, Peanut Butter, Zucchini, Pistachios, and Almond Milk. But I can literally tap a button in the app and have it all sent straight to my door. It also is nice for folks like me who head to the store with a specific list of items and walk out with absolutely nothing on that list and 4 boxes of Cap'n Crunch.

If you want to try out Instacart, use code 'Heatherkirkk' at check out for free delivery!


If you follow me on Instagram, then you may have seen me post about these beauties already. My adorable friend from Nashville got me a stack of these after she saw Carrie Underwood (among many others) wearing them during the NHL playoffs. She got me a neutral colored stack and I swear I wore them with everything this summer.

After seeing so many pictures of their amazing custom stacks in team colors on social media, I knew I had to order a Penn State stack. I am so in love with these and get so many compliments on them during gameday! Also-- I love that I can mix and match different bracelets together to work with whatever I am wearing that day.


This stuff has been a game changer for me. If y'all are close to me, then you know I am a night owl. I could work all night. It seems to be when I am most productive. Staying up til 3am working on emails and sending out bridal quotes may be fine when I don't have anything going on the next day, but let's be real-- that never happens. As my business grows, I am getting more and more Monday through Friday clients and WAY more meetings. Plus, most of the 'good' classes at my workout studio are in the mornings so I have been trying to get to sleep earlier.

I mix two tablespoons of this into a glass of water each night around 9. It helps me to unwind and sort of 'shut off.' Within minutes I feel relaxed and calm. Magnesium has a natural calming effect on the body and studies show that there is a strong correlation between people with anxiety disorders and magnesium deficiencies. As an added benefit, magnesium also helps to aid in digestion. I personally love to take this at night but you can take it at all times during the day.

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