In the great words of Cardi B, "Real bitch, only thing fake is the boobs," (ok, almost the only thing-- but whatever).

If you're new to my blog, welcome, and if you're not new, welcome back.

It's been a minute, babes! I took some time to really figure out what y'all wanted to know about. What I found was that along with the normal beauty things I knew y'all wanted to learn more about, y'all were extremely interested in some of the cosmetic 'procedures' or treatments that I have had done.

If y'all know me, you know that I am extremely transparent when it comes to everything I have done cosmetically. Why? Because I think it's something we should be more open about. I don't think there is a single thing wrong with wanting to look better. If these things will make you feel more confident and beautiful, why wouldn't you do it?

I really HATE when someone is looking into getting Botox, or Filler (or anything else for that matter) and their friends and family jump down their throat about how "they don't need it," or "you'll ruin your face." My own mother was so anti-everything initially because she was uneducated when it came to what I was actually doing and what the results would be like. She even thought you used Botox to do lip injections (and I bet I just blew half of your minds because you, in fact, do not use Botox for that). Additionally, I think if more of us were able to discuss it openly and ask others questions without shame, I don't think you would being seeing nearly the amount of horror stories like those you see on Botched.

We all know everyone in Hollywood has had some "work" done. So why don't we all try to be more open with it? Let's be honest and transparent, and make our goals of aging like Christy Brinkley a reality.

So with that being said, I welcome you to the first edition of my Beyond Beauty series, where I will walk you through everything that I have personally done that goes beyond basic skincare and makeup.

For this series, I felt like the easiest way to go about things was in the natural process that I got things done. I get a ton of questions from girls about my breast augmentation. This particular procedure is the one that I am personally most open about. I have been since day one. Every person I knew prior to getting my boobs done knew that this was something I was wanting. So for me, when I showed up with a pair of huge boobs after not having anything before, saw no point in trying to deny the fact that they were not real.

Q: How old were you when you got your boobs done?

A: I was 25 years old, which may seem young to some people, but this was something I had been thinking about since I was probably 15. I was also living in Texas at the time and I am almost positive every girl there gets them done when they graduate high school.

Q: Where did you get them done?

A: I got them done in Houston, TX at SGK Plastic Surgery (in The Woodlands) by Dr. Kim. I had been to consultations with other doctors prior to Dr. Kim but most of them basically left me in a room with a box of implants and said, "play" to try and figure out what size I wanted. Dr. Kim sat down with me and discussed desired results, took my measurements, and gave me her recommendations with a few options that varied in CC's and style. She & her team were amazing.

Q: What did you ask for? What exactly did you have done?

A: I had done my research prior to going in and knew that the surgeons "eye roll moment" was when they would ask how big you wanted to go, and everyones answer is the same: A full C Cup. Actual end result cup size is really hard to determine prior to surgery, so I was advised by several friends who had had breast augmentation to go with an open mind. What I told Dr. Kim was that I wanted something to balance my body. My upper body & torso were always very small as compared to my butt and thighs. I always felt like no matter how thin I ever was, I wasn't thin enough because my top half didn't match my lower half. So, I said as long as I looked proportionate, that I didn't care how big I went. I also told her that I liked what I called "fake looking boobs" (not like porn star boobs, but think like Britney Spears circa 2001). Dr. Kim referred to this as "bubbly" or High Profile. I just didn't want them to look heavy or saggy.

In the end I went with Natrelle Inspira (Gummy Bear) 525cc High-Profile Implants, under the muscle, which I was told would help to keep the implants lifted. I currently wear a 34DD bra.

Bralette by Layered with Lace

Q: How much did it cost?

A: I believe it was roughly about $6,500 at SGK. Pricing is very dependent on your geographical area and the popularity of the service. They do a whole lot of boobs down in Texas, so it's a bit less costly than it is up North.

Q: What was recovery like?

A: The first 24 hours were very uncomfortable (not painful). The way they bandaged me (lying down, arms out) kind of pinned my shoulder blades together, and you need to leave that bandage on for a full 24 hours. Granted, for most of that time I was passed out on meds. Overall, pain was totally fine. It felt similarly to being very sore after an intense workout. So little motions would produce sharp-ish pains. You know the feeling when you do about a million squats and lunges after not working out in forever and then you have to use the bathroom? And it doesn't hurt to sit or stand really, but it's that transition in between? That's the feeling (but in your chest, of course). Little tasks are hard like opening a door, or twisting a bottle cap, and you can't lift anything remotely heavy. Other than that, it was fine. I actually attended a friends birthday party two days after surgery & felt fine (I was on a whole lot of pain meds though). I resumed a fairly normal routine a few days post surgery, and was able to start working out (strength training and more vigorous cardio) about 8 weeks post op.

Q: Any additional tips or things we should know?

A: One thing that I found helpful was that I got my surgery in January, so wearing the support bras that they suggest was much easier. I could wear a sweater or button up and you couldn't see it. Also, with it being the winter time, I didn't have to be seen in a bathing suit or anything like that for a few months so the implants had time to settle. Breast implants can look like a hot mess for a while during the healing process. First, they are rock hard and extremely high (almost to your collar bone), then they start to drop over the course of a few weeks. During the "drop" process it's not uncommon for your boobs to be lop sided because one side may be healing quicker than the other.

Q: Overall, would you recommend getting them done?

A: Honestly, if this is something you are thinking about and have seriously considered, then absolutely. I say time and time again that this was the best investment I ever made. Having the surgery made me feel 100% more confident in my body. For the first time in my life, I felt proportionate. I felt like I didn't need to be stick thin because my body had balance. Also, I really don't hate not having to wear bras all the time.

And now, for your viewing pleasure some lovely before photos of me at like 19 years old (sans boobs), and me now (with boobs).


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