The hands down number one question I get from people sliding in my DM's: How do you do your makeup?

I will tell you this when it comes to the makeup I choose to wear:

1. I like my routine to be relatively simple because often, I have to be up super early to get to jobs and I want to look good while i'm working with clients (obviously) without having to get up even earlier to do so.

2. I like my makeup to last all day without touch ups. I am always on the go and I like to schedule my days and weeks by 'makeup' and 'non makeup' days. On non makeup days, I work from my computer mostly (emails, scheduling, etc). And on makeup days, I make it a point to schedule everything on those days that I might need to wear makeup for (photoshoots, meetings, clients, out with friends, dates). So i need to make sure my makeup will stay all day.

Full Disclosure: I personally have my brows microbladed and have lash extensions which is very helpful to my overall makeup look.



1. I like to use this primer as my first step to hydrate and balance my skin.

2. Then I like to use this primer second to smooth out any texture I have to my skin.

The combination of hydrating my skin while using a mattifying primer over top helps to keep my skin looking fresh and helps my foundation stay all day.


**Depending on the eye makeup look I am doing, I may do my foundation & concealer after my eye makeup. Normally for everyday I'm not doing anything too crazy and I will do my foundation first.**

1. This foundation is my holy grail foundation. It is insanely affordable and y'all may think I am nuts for it, but I swear by it and have turned sooo many people on to it. It's full coverage but lightweight, and lasts all day in combination with those primers. Also I have sensitive skin and this does not irritate my skin at all.

2. You NEED to apply it with a damp sponge (this is the one I use). Like I said, the foundation is full coverage and I think the damp sponge helps to thin the product out a bit and keep it moist while you blend. Creates a totally flawless look.

3. I use this concealer, applied with the same damp sponge, in a triangle shape under my eye, around my nose, and into my inner corners.

4. I set my undereye area and very lightly over the rest of my face with this powder.


5. I love this bronzer. It gives me the perfect amount of warmth for my skin to give me a healthy glow. I keep this in my professional kit as well because it works like a dream on almost everyone. I apply this on the sides of my forehead, cheek bones and along/underneath my jawline. Typically day to day I don't wear an actual contour powder, but at night or for special events I do like to use this one.

6. All blushes from this brand are amazing, but this one is my favorite. This particular shade is only available at Sephora. I apply it right above my cheekbones vs on the apples of my cheeks for a slimming effect.

7. I love a good golden highlight and I probable own about 22. Normally I keep this one in my makeup bag for everyday but will bring out this palette every once in a while and use the two top shades. I apply my highlighter on top of my cheekbones, to the inner corner of my eyes and down the center of my nose. I usually will take a dab with my finger and apply it right to the tip of my nose.

8. I love topping my makeup with this powder. I just sweep it over my makeup and it makes everything look amazing and blended. It's like using an instagram filter on your face!


9. Like I said earlier, I do have my brows microbladed (which need redone) but when I fill them in, I like to make the finest possible hair-like strokes to mimic the look of microblading. I use this powder with the thinnest damp-angle brush I can find.


10. For everyday, I keep it VERY simple with eyes. I have lash extensions and don't see a need to add too much more. I normally use this brush with a neutral eyeshadow shade (I mix this shade up all the time. I just use one a little darker than my skin tone, even your contour color would work). I run that neutral shade into my crease for some depth, down the sides of my nose, and along my lower lash line.

A few of my go-to pallettes are:

-This one, for good everyday rosey tones.

-This one for bolder shades and shimmery colors.

-And this one for travel.


11. My absolute favorite lip combo is this liner + this lipstick + this lipgloss! I always have those three in my purse!

HOPEFULLY, I will have a tutotial filmed this week for y'all so we can go over this in a video as well!

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