OK so we’re talking about being attractive here. These are the things that you need to do to help yourself look more attractive to the opposite sex. Some of these things are cosmetic, things some of these things are things you can wear, and some of these things are just things that you can do while you’re in the presence of someone who you want to appear more attractive in front of. Whether you’re trying to get the attention of someone that you like or you’re just trying to get a couple free drinks at the bar tonight these are some for proof ways to make you look more attractive or “hotter” 1. Sex up your hair. When you’re looking to attract the opposite sex one thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to look sexy! You need to be putting a mental picture in their mind of rolling around in their sheets with you. So instead of wearing your hair perfectly quaffed, grab a 1 and 1/4 inch barrel curling iron and give yourself some loose waves. Then, using a texture spray , lightly spray and shake through your curls to create a subtle bed head effect.

2. Look “natural.” We have heard it time and time again—guys love the natural look or at least they think they do. Guys do love natural looking girls but most of the time they have no idea what is and is not natural. Two of my favorite tricks are 1) wearing subtle eye makeup (no crazy dark colors) and wearing lashes (strips or extensions). The natural color (or lack of color on my lid makes it look like I have on less makeup than I actually do. And 2) regardless of how much foundation I have on, I love to add fake freckles. YEP. Fake. Freckles. You would be shocked at how much it brings down even the most caked on makeup. It literally will give the effect that you barely have foundation on.

3. Let your denim do the work. If you have been following me for a while, then you know I swear by one denim brand: Madewell. If you haven’t ever tried some of their high rise jeans with “magic pockets” then you are seriously missing out. They suck everything in while being ultra comfortable!

4. Show off the right skin. There’s something to be said about leaving something to the imagination. One flattering body part on just about everyone is their neckline (like come on, no one has “fat” shoulders). Try an off the shoulder top with a small dainty necklace to draw the eye in. Also, the idea of no straps also suggests that you may not be wearing a bra which plays a mind game with the men around you.

5. Rock some heels. Heels are a magical tool. Not that only do they make your legs look longer, they also make you stand up straighter, lift your butt, and enhance the muscles in your legs.

6. Smile (and show off your gorg teeth). While wearing a blue-based lip color! Ok, don’t freak out— not blue, but blue based. That means nudes with a pink/purple undertone vs peach. Get it? The blue tones will make teeth appear whiter. I love this lipgloss to pop over any lip color to make my teeth appear whiter.

7. Be present and have fun. I have had two friends in the past who would always be angry with me when we would go out because I “would steal all of the attention.” In both cases, the girls looked so similar to me that people would ask if we were sisters. The difference would be that they would spend most of their nights on their phones and worrying about what they looked like instead of just having fun and being social. When I go out, I try to stay off my phone if I can. And nights when I barely look at it are the nights I have the most “success”


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