I love Nashville. Literally my favorite city. It’s full of a ton of great things to do and see. Over and over and over again people DM me for what to do in Nashville (have y’all ever heard of TripAdvisor?) and I ramble off a thousand things to do in Nashville to have an awesome trip, what do y’all do? The exact opposite of what I say. I scroll through Insta after y’alls trips and I see the same exact thing— the only time y’all ventured off broadway is to pedal party your way down to take pics with the wings in The Gulch. So let’s use some reverse psychology here. Instead of me telling you what to do, I’m going to break down exactly what you shouldn’t do so you don’t have the most basic Nashville trip ever. 1. DON’T JUST STAY ON BROADWAY.

Hi, did you know that there are quite literally bars all over the city of Nashville? Broadway is great if it’s your first time in Nash. I always recommend at least one night there for anyone who’s never been here before. But literally it’s a street full of the exact. same. bar. Ex: First floor will have some sort of cover band playing Wagon Wheel all night and is normally full of 45+ year old women in bedazzled jeans. Second floor they normally try to mix it up with a little something different music-wise to keep you in the building. Then there’s always a rooftop bar. Save yourself some time: hit Tootsies because it’s a Nashville icon (check out the alley too). Go to Broadway Brewhouse for a Bushwhacker. Hit up the second floor at Whiskey Row if you’re looking for a club scene. And if you want a rooftop, go to Luke’s or Aldean’s (the rooftops connect so you can bounce between the two and avoid the line). If I were you though, I’d venture off Broadway. Go see Losers in Midtown. Check out a Whiskey Jam at Winners if you’re lucky enough to be in town on a Monday or Thursday. And Sunday? If you aren’t on Demonbreun you’re missing out. Dawg House and Tin Roof will be packed like it was a Friday night. (Get lunch at Tin. Street Corn Quesadilla, add chicken, sub fries with a side of queso and ranch— you’re welcome).


Ok, I know y’all want everyone on Bumble to know you went to Nashville bc you're really into traveling and adventures and shit but I’m just saying— you are one of 17368492926 people with that same pic and no one cares, Karen. We have a pretty cool city here. Go check out LA Jackson (the rooftop bar inside of the Thompson Hotel, across from those stupid wings) around sunset, grab a pretty cocktail from their awesome drink menu and head outside. Snap a pic of you holding your boujee-ass cocktail in front of the gorgeous Nashville skyline. Go crazy. Use portrait mode. Shit will be dope. Guaranteed to get more likes than #WhatLiftsYou. If you want to go total "blogger betch," head over to Pinewood Social and snap a pic in front of their iconic neon sign in the bowling alley. Plus, they have awesome food, the best drinks ever, and it's a freaking bowling alley. Like, hello.


Yes, Hattie B's, Biscuit Love, and Pancake Pantry are all bomb. Are they hour long waits in line good? Ehhhhhh probably not. Do yourself a favor: Get on Postmates and order Hattie B's from the comfort of your overpriced AirBNB. As for Biscuit Love, they have more than one location. So instead of standing around waiting in line, hop on over to Hillsboro Village and fill up on all the biscuits you want and explore all of the cute shops in that area. If you really want to be adventurous, why not check out all of the other good-AF eateries that Nash has to offer? Nashville Jam Co and Monell's are two of my favorite breakfast spots. Flipside, Ainsworth, Adele's and Hopsmith are all great for brunch. For dinner, I highly recommend checking out the Gulch area. Saint Anejo, Sunda, Emmy Squared and STK are some of my faves. Of course, everyone knows I can sniff out a taco joint like it's my job. My top picks: SATCO and Mas Tacos.


You're in Nashville. Not Texas. Sure some people may throw on a pair of boots, but it's mostly dudes. Nashville style is all about being unique. Honestly it's like everyone in town is in a giant "who has the best vintage t-shirt" contest. While visiting, forget trying to dress in what you "think" us Nashville folks wear. If you show up to the bar with Daisy Dukes and cowboy boots on, you may as well stamp "TOURIST" on your forehead. Get a real taste of the Nashville vibe and check out Starstruck Vintage for awesome throwback shirts. Or check out hatWRKS on 8th to get yourself a badass custom hat done the Nashville way. Nashville loves local brands too. Grab a tee before your trip to Music City from one of my faves: Native In Nashville, Not A Public Figure, The Nash Collection, and Whiskey Jam.


Yes, celebrities roam freely in Nashville. But the likelihood of you seeing your favorite country music stars on Broadway is pretty slim. If you take my advice, you will probably run into more than a few. Shit, I feel like I can't leave my house without seeing Chris Young. Head to Midtown and stop into Tin Roof, Red Door, and Losers, you'll more than likely spot a familiar face or two. One thing to remember: Be cool about it. I know you may be geeking inside, but there is no way to get these people to leave a bar quicker than to have someone fan girling them at their local bar. Say hi, be chill, and if it wont cause a massive scene, snap a pic. But I don't necessarily recommend it. Remember that this is their home and these are their neighborhood bars.

Hopefully this helps to guide y'all along your way through our beautiful city. I hope y'all have the best time ever and hopefully you'll catch me out and about!

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